Things about me.

 Hello, my name is Helen Kwok and I’m a multimedia artist and designer. 

Since graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design, Helen has worked in the education/government space as a multimedia and e-learning designer. Using her digital design expertise, she’s created e-learning resources, serious games, websites, animations, videos, graphics, and audio work for her clients.

Although a designer by day, Helen likes to spend her time outside of work exploring all things creative. She’s passionate about creating meaningful, engaging and immersive experiences that will emotionally impact people in a positive way.

Helen is a film score enthusiast and has a deep love for music. She wrote her Honours dissertation on music visualisations, and plays the cello as a hobby. In 2015, she composed her own music and showcased it to the public at Northbridge Piazza.

In 2016, Helen decided to try her hand at Creative Advertising. Having admired the clever ideas behind great ad campaigns, she read about AWARD School as a potential first step into the industry. She took the plunge, got in, and was placed equal 3rd in the state of WA.

A point-and-click adventure gamer for many years, her dream is to develop her very own adventure game.

She is currently studying a Master of Animation, Games and Interactivity at RMIT University and is located in Melbourne, Australia.