One Hundred Ghost Stories

A book installation inspired by the One Hundred Ghost Stories experience in Japan. The popular parlour game involves sharing ghost stories with friends in a dark room filled with a hundred candles. After each frightening tale, a candle is extinguished. Upon the last candle going out, a spirit is said to be summoned. The aim of my studio project was to recreate this experience in the form of a light projection to transport the user into “another world”. I created and animated three of the ghost stories: Okiku (the ghost in the well); Koheiji (the ghost from the swamp); and Oiwa (the ghost in the lantern). Using the Leap Motion as a tracking device, the installation invites the user to extinguish the candle flame after every animation, before releasing a myriad of ghosts in a climatic ending. The installation was completed as part of my first semester studio project for the Master of Animation, Games & Interactivity program at RMIT University in Melbourne.
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Innovation Showcase

A presentation to Corporate Executive to learn more about Innovate, our in-house innovation program. Covering the history, process and successes of the program in just twenty minutes, I needed something that was quick to engage and visually stunning to attract a tough and time-poor audience. Starting with a familiar narrative to hook the audience in, followed by compelling black-and-white images and embedded multimedia, I ended the presentation with a gift for each Corp Ex member – a custom-made Innovation Kit that they could takeaway with them. As the project lead, I designed, created and coordinated this showcase from start to finish, including: Conceptualising showcase ideas with the Innovate team (my subject matter experts) Designing the overall visual style Developing the presentation slides Coordinating and art-directing our in-house graphic design team on producing the kit and various materials Presenting the showcase to CorpEx and other staff Corporate Executive was highly impressed, with the Director General commenting it was one of the best presentations he’s seen. Through positive word-of-mouth, I was requested to present to other key staff members within the department. Work completed while employed by the Department of Communities.
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Campfire is a personal storytelling experience I created back in August 2017. The idea behind Campfire is to share ideas, knowledge and experiences through storytelling. Like people gathering around a campfire, each person at a Campfire event has the opportunity to tell an informal, 4-6 minute story of their choice – it could be a funny anecdote, a lesson learnt, a life-changing experience – anything that can educate, persuade and inspire others. As the lead on this project, I coordinated, designed and created: A brand identity for Campfire A pitch document A half-day Campfire event for my team An online article to promote the experience with other staff A Campfire Kit for others to run their own event (includes instructions, email and agenda templates, presentation slides, timer signs, presenter notes, forms, etc.) A website on the intranet A video portal with recorded Campfire talks An infographic with results from the team survey Watch my talk: Level Up: The Quest to Find My Treasure Chest My team’s response to Campfire was overwhelmingly positive, and overall it was a wonderful team-building opportunity. The event inspired other staff to create their own Campfire events. Work completed while employed by the Department of Communities.
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