Featured on ABC Radio National program, Life Matters. Listen to our radio interview. Sashiko is a meditative sewing game based on the Japanese form of decorative stitching to reinforce or repair old and worn clothing, making it stronger and warmer. Players have to physically sew using a needle and thread on a custom-made sewing circuit board, following the geometric patterns displayed in the game. There is no time limit and there is no right or wrong. Players can choose to replicate the displayed pattern, or create their own. The sewing board is an alternative controller made from cardboard, denim and the Makey Makey. Sashiko was made as part of the 10th Melbourne Global Game Jam in 2020 in response to the theme REPAIR. The game was showcased to the public at the Community Play Party on 18 February 2020 at the South Melbourne Town Hall.
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MAGI Board Game

The MAGI Board Game is a 2-4 player board game that transforms the Master of Animation, Games and Interactivity (MAGI) studios into a playful place. Players challenge and collaborate with one another through short, playful exercises. If a player lands on a Quest space, they must complete the Quest challenge before being able to progress. Quests often include the use of real-world physical space and objects in the challenge, extending play beyond the board game itself. Cheeky Chance cards also poke fun at the everyday life in the MAGI studios. The board game was completed as part of Advanced Play Design in the Master of Animation, Games & Interactivity program at RMIT University in Melbourne.
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Jump Jump Band

Jump Jump Band is a Kinect-controlled, co-op rhythm game inspired by the traditional playground game, skipping. Players need to physically jump to the beats of the music and work together to get the highest score possible. The aim of this studio project was to try and capture the physical movement and social interaction present in group skipping into an interactive experience enabled by digital technologies. Each player plays a junkyard musical instrument. Players work together jumping to the right beats, in order to successfully “perform” the piece of music. This game was completed as part of my second semester studio project for the Master of Animation, Games & Interactivity program at RMIT University in Melbourne, and showcased to the public at the MAGI EXPO 2019.
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