MAGI Board Game

The MAGI Board Game is a 2-4 player board game that transforms the Master of Animation, Games and Interactivity (MAGI) studios into a playful place. Players challenge and collaborate with one another through short, playful exercises. If a player lands on a Quest space, they must complete the Quest challenge before being able to progress. Quests often include the use of real-world physical space and objects in the challenge, extending play beyond the board game itself. Cheeky Chance cards also poke fun at the everyday life in the MAGI studios. The board game was completed as part of Advanced Play Design in the Master of Animation, Games & Interactivity program at RMIT University in Melbourne.
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Innovation Showcase

A presentation to Corporate Executive to learn more about Innovate, our in-house innovation program. Covering the history, process and successes of the program in just twenty minutes, I needed something that was quick to engage and visually stunning to attract a tough and time-poor audience. Starting with a familiar narrative to hook the audience in, followed by compelling black-and-white images and embedded multimedia, I ended the presentation with a gift for each Corp Ex member – a custom-made Innovation Kit that they could takeaway with them. As the project lead, I designed, created and coordinated this showcase from start to finish, including: Conceptualising showcase ideas with the Innovate team (my subject matter experts) Designing the overall visual style Developing the presentation slides Coordinating and art-directing our in-house graphic design team on producing the kit and various materials Presenting the showcase to CorpEx and other staff Corporate Executive was highly impressed, with the Director General commenting it was one of the best presentations he’s seen. Through positive word-of-mouth, I was requested to present to other key staff members within the department. Work completed while employed by the Department of Communities.
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Kando Rose

Kando Rose was a competition entry for the Graphic Design Award by Yamaha 2015, an international design award looking for new marks, symbols and pictograms to visually depict the theme of ‘KANDO’, Yamaha’s corporate philosophy. The Japanese word ‘kando’ means “for the heart” or “to be deeply moved”. Kando Rose was nominated in the Top 15 Shortlist out of the 1100 artworks from 69 countries worldwide that were submitted. Kandocon (a new emoticon for “kando”) and Resonance (depicting the resonance within the heart) were also submitted as competition entries.
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Curtin University Orientation

A suite of promotional material designed for Curtin University in 2009 for their International Prep and Orientation Weeks. This included a 24-page booklet, a series of A3 posters, and slideshows to play on the plasma TV screens around the campus. Curtin was looking for a design that was fun and energetic, a complete overhaul from its existing corporate-looking design. In the end, I opted for a visual style that utilised symbols, simple graphic elements and a bright colour palette that could quickly grab students’ attention. Freelance work completed for Curtin University.
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Wake Up

A billboard design created in response to the topic of consumerism in today’s society. All graphics were rendered in Adobe Photoshop. Featured in Year 12 Perspectives 2005 exhibition held at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.
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A poster to promote the opening of a fictitious Japanese restaurant called ‘Zen’. Designed in response to the topic of ‘banquet’. All graphics were created and rendered in Adobe Photoshop. Featured in the Young Originals Exhibition 2005.
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