Playup Perth

Playup Perth is a showcase and testing ground for the latest games and creative innovations in Perth. Since 2013, Playup Perth has featured over a hundred locally-made games at regular playtesting events, allowing the community to give feedback to game designers. Games range from tabletop, digital, mobile, VR/AR, pervasive, social and immersive experiences. Each event has a regular attendance of 50-80 people. In 2017, Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie asked me to help redesign the Playup Perth website, including: A rebrand of Playup Perth with a bold fresh identity, including a new logo, colours and visual style A responsive WordPress theme A complete overhaul of the site structure New site features, including a games directory A branded Mailchimp template and social media graphics A style guide on how to use design assets A training documentation for other team members on how to use the new site The site redesign helped Playup Perth secure their first ever funding partner with City of Perth, and set up its own pilot microgrant support program.
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MyTech: Student Portal

A responsive web template to be used for the online student portal at Polytechnic West. Students use it to access information such as latest announcements, emails, enrolment info, study links and support services. The designed template uses the Bootstrap 3 front-end framework to make the layout responsive to various screen sizes, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Work completed while employed by Polytechnic West.
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eCampus E-learning Suite

The eCampus E-learning Suite is an ecosystem of learning resources and templates used by lecturers and students on the Moodle Learning Management System. The overall brand design of eCampus consists of: A Moodle theme – a set of web design elements, including backgrounds, colours, and fonts – that is used by the LMS Document templates An icon set Video identities for training videos Email newsletters The aim was to create a consistent brand that aligns with the corporate style guide, yet it still has its own defined visual style that can be used for e-learning products. One of the major challenges was to create a website architecture that worked for the various users of the site – students, lecturers, staff and guests – and to create a streamlined and easily navigable experience for the user. Work completed while employed by Polytechnic West.
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