Dance of the Spirits

Dance of the Spirits is a music visualisation created for the “Make a Noise!” showcase event at the Northbridge Piazza. I was one of the local Perth creatives who showcased their work on the big screen on the night. The event was run by the City of Perth, and led by Perth composer and sound designer, Josh Hogan. I composed the music in Ableton Live, and created abstract visuals in After Effects to complement the music. I decided to compose an orchestral track due to my love for film scores. The music was inspired by traditional Chinese and Mongolian music. The song tells the story of a dance between the two main instruments: the cello and the flute. The blood red smoke represents the cello, and the bamboo green smoke represents the flute. Showcased on the big screen at the Northbridge Piazza on 11 December 2015.
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