Street Tape Games

Freeplay Parallels 2020: Official Selection A direct response to COVID-19, Street Tape Games is a temporary installation that invites the public to play beloved street and playground games redesigned with social distancing. Using colourful social-distancing tapes to create playful markings on the ground, Street Tape Games is about reactivating public space and encouraging the community to come out and play again after lockdown. Facilitated play sessions will introduce the redesigned games to the public. Play childhood favourites such as Foursquare, Tunnelball, and What’s the Time, Mr Wolf without body contact or touch, and reconnect with your community in a fun, active, and safe way. Initially conceptualised as part of the Test Sites Online 2020 program, Street Tape Games was presented as part of the Fawkner Festa and Freeplay Independent Games Festival in 2021. The project is supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants and Festivals Moreland Development Program, and created in collaboration with Chad Toprak.  
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Visualizing Music

A music visualisation research project completed during my Design Honours year. Over the years, artists had delved in the field of visual music using a variety of media and techniques. However, their venture into the digital had seen a shift in focus from the “wonderfully evocative metaphors” found in their works to a physical translation of sound to image. The aim of this research project was to explore the possibilities of creating meaningful music visualizations using generative techniques in digital media. A PDF version of my dissertation is available here (PDF 890kb). The results of my research and experimentation are also compiled into an interactive Adobe Flash package, broken down into five musical modules.  
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