Axiom Program Launch


A video to raise awareness about Axiom, a program that will be rolled out later this year to renew the Department’s commercial systems.

Rather than opting for a straight-forward informational video, we wanted to show how we embraced the changing technologies of the day with a story: that Axiom was just a natural part of the evolution of systems at the Department. The video showcases the Department from the 1910s, 30s, 50s, 70s, 90s and finally to the future, showing how we’ve adapted to keep ourselves current, in order to continue delivering our vision of opening doors for WA families.

I was involved in the creative direction of this project, including concept development, planning, storyboarding and post-production (visual effects design, sound effects and music). We outsourced the cinematography and production design, and the result of the finished video was fantastic. The video garnered great feedback from staff across the organisation.

Work completed while employed by the Department of Housing.

Watch Video
(Contact Helen for preview password)