Campfire is a personal storytelling experience I created back in August 2017.

The idea behind Campfire is to share ideas, knowledge and experiences through storytelling. Like people gathering around a campfire, each person at a Campfire event has the opportunity to tell an informal, 4-6 minute story of their choice Рit could be a funny anecdote, a lesson learnt, a life-changing experience Рanything that can educate, persuade and inspire others.

As the lead on this project, I coordinated, designed and created:

  • A brand identity for Campfire
  • A pitch document
  • A half-day Campfire event for my team
  • An online article to promote the experience with other staff
  • A Campfire Kit for others to run their own event (includes instructions, email and agenda templates, presentation slides, timer signs, presenter notes, forms, etc.)
  • A website on the intranet
  • A video portal with recorded Campfire talks
  • An infographic with results from the team survey

Watch my talk:
Level Up: The Quest to Find My Treasure Chest

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My team’s response to Campfire was overwhelmingly positive, and overall it was a wonderful team-building opportunity. The event inspired other staff to create their own Campfire events.

Work completed while employed by the Department of Communities.