eCampus E-learning Suite


The eCampus E-learning Suite is an ecosystem of learning resources and templates used by lecturers and students on the Moodle Learning Management System. The overall brand design of eCampus consists of:

  • A Moodle theme – a set of web design elements, including backgrounds, colours, and fonts – that is used by the LMS
  • Document templates
  • An icon set
  • Video identities for training videos
  • Email newsletters

The aim was to create a consistent brand that aligns with the corporate style guide, yet it still has its own defined visual style that can be used for e-learning products. One of the major challenges was to create a website architecture that worked for the various users of the site – students, lecturers, staff and guests – and to create a streamlined and easily navigable experience for the user.

Work completed while employed by Polytechnic West.