Information Security


LearnX Impact Awards 2017 Gold Winner
(Best Induction/Onboarding Project category)

An online course about information security structured like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game. All new staff have to learn about information security as part of their induction. We found that staff often overlook this topic due to its dry nature. The solution was to put a fun and humourous spin to it. We structured the content as scenarios or “cases” that revolved around Steve, a fictional character. As Steve fumbles his way through various work situations, the learner has to help Steve make the right choices in order to keep his information secure.

I led and managed this project from concept to production. This included:

  • Collaboration with subject matter experts (staff from ICT)
  • Establishing a learner sequence
  • Developing story ideas and branching options
  • Scripting the content for online delivery
  • Storyboarding
  • Creating the media assets
  • Prototyping and building
  • Testing and launch

All production was done in-house, and the course launched to positive feedback. Staff were instantly engaged with the plight of Steve, and the course was adapted for use across the whole of Department of Communities. The course, as part of an induction suite, won Gold at the LearnX Impact Awards 2017.

Work completed while employed by the Housing Authority and Department of Communities.