Innovation Showcase


A presentation to Corporate Executive to learn more about Innovate, our in-house innovation program.

Covering the history, process and successes of the program in just twenty minutes, I needed something that was quick to engage and visually stunning to attract a tough and time-poor audience.

Starting with a familiar narrative to hook the audience in, followed by compelling black-and-white images and embedded multimedia, I ended the presentation with a gift for each Corp Ex member – a custom-made Innovation Kit that they could takeaway with them.

As the project lead, I designed, created and coordinated this showcase from start to finish, including:

  • Conceptualising showcase ideas with the Innovate team (my subject matter experts)
  • Designing the overall visual style
  • Developing the presentation slides
  • Coordinating and art-directing our in-house graphic design team on producing the kit and various materials
  • Presenting the showcase to CorpEx and other staff

Corporate Executive was highly impressed, with the Director General commenting it was one of the best presentations he’s seen. Through positive word-of-mouth, I was requested to present to other key staff members within the department.

Work completed while employed by the Department of Communities.