Kando Rose


Kando Rose was a competition entry for the Graphic Design Award by Yamaha 2015, an international design award looking for new marks, symbols and pictograms to visually depict the theme of ‘KANDO’, Yamaha’s corporate philosophy. The Japanese word ‘kando’ means “for the heart” or “to be deeply moved”.

Like the four chambers of the human heart, the Kando Rose is composed of four heart shapes that meet together at the centre. This unity, or feeling of completeness, is used to depict the feeling of “kando” – when the heart is so deeply driven by a given phenomena, all four chambers of the heart react simultaneously and in unison with each other.

Kando Rose was nominated in the Top 15 Shortlist out of the 1100 artworks from 69 countries worldwide that were submitted.

Kandocon (a new emoticon for “kando”) and Resonance (depicting the resonance within the heart) were also submitted as competition entries.