Make a Creature


Make a Creature is a multimedia game inspired by artist Remedios Varo, the Surrealists, and the game Exquisite Corpse – a drawing game that invited players to create strange creatures from different objects and body parts.

In Make a Creature, players get to create their own creature by taking a photo of their face and augmenting it with a random objects for heads, bodies and legs. They can then scan the QR code to take their creation home.

Created in collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) for their Making Art exhibition in the Children’s Gallery from 10 June 2022 – 9 October 2022, Make a Creature was also installed at Chadstone Shopping Centre for a month. Nearly 60,000 creatures were made during the course of the exhibition.

Game Development Team: Chad Toprak (Game Design), Helen Kwok (Animation) & Hsin Yang Ho (Programming)