Office 365 Video Skits


A series of short, episodic skits to promote the features of Microsoft Office 365, which the Housing Authority transitioned to beginning of 2017:

  • Episode 1: Great Expectations (to promote OneDrive)
  • Episode 2: Homeland Wall (to promote Delve)
  • Episode 3: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Talents (to promote Yammer)
  • Episode 4: The Good, The Bad & Casey (to promote Video)

The purpose of the project was to raise awareness among staff about the benefits of using Office 365 in an entertaining and comedic way. Inspired by TV series like The Office and Utopia, the episodes were written and filmed to show the contrast between technophobe Steve and candid Sav, and the hilarious situations they get themselves in.

I was involved in the overall creative concept, planning, scriptwriting, casting, props and post-production.

Work completed while employed by the Housing Authority.

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