Painters Registration Online


The Painters Registration Online is a federally funded project completed under the National VET E-learning Strategy. It consists of three fully online courses that provide painters with the necessary training to become registered and start their own small business. As face-to-face training is currently only available in the Perth metropolitan area, these online courses allow painters from regional or remote areas to access training.

I was involved in the design and development of the interactive modules within the courses. This involved establishing the learner characteristics and learning strategy, and collaborating with two subject matter experts to restructure workbook content for online delivery. Each module is accessible in a variety of formats to cater for different users and devices.

Part of the challenge in creating these modules was to use software that lecturers can easily use to update content, but keep the visual design appealing to the user. The solution involved using a suite of familiar software, keeping to simple interactions, and establishing a strong graphic style that can be applied across the board.

The project was featured in the June 2013 edition of the Flex e-News and presented at various national e-learning conferences.

Work completed while employed by Polytechnic West.