Transient Threads


Transient Threads is a participatory installation about unravelling your emotions.

Participants are invited to reflect on their feelings in response to world events that have been happening in the last six months, and then weave their emotional journey using biodegradable tape around the six pillars of the pavilion:

  • Courage
  • Care
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Surprise

After unravelling their emotions in the space, participants can choose to complete an intention card by writing down a simple action they can take to address those feelings.

Over three days, the installation grows to become a visual snapshot of the community’s spectrum of feelings, captured one thread at a time.

Presented at MPavilion Parkville from 21–23 May 2024.

Collaborator: Chad Toprak
Photos credit: Emma Byrnes