PaintMixer 3000


Made in 24 hours for an online game jam, PaintMixer 3000 is a 2-player alternative controller game where each player has to mix red, green, and blue colours to match a randomly generated base colour.

Inspired by the infamous TikTok paint-mixing videos, PaintMixer 3000 is not just about accuracy, but also having fun when players are way off the mark. Not only do players have to match colours from memory, but also do it blind – the paint buckets are “hidden” while players are mixing colours, and only revealed in a final hilarious showdown. Who will match their paint bucket closest to the target colour?

PaintMixer 3000 was first showcased as part of the Talking Heads #09 – 藝術 X 遊戲 Art X Arthouse Games and Playful Media event run by Cultural Masseur from Hong Kong and A MAZE. from Berlin.

Created in collaboration with Chad Toprak for the A MAZE. @ Home – Alt.Ctrl Online Game Jam 2021.