Postcard Memento


Postcard Memento is an AR(G) game about uncovering memories from a lost postcard.

The year is 2030. You find a postcard dated from 2020, hand-made from one lover to another. Using your special ‘memory camera’, you scan the lost postcard to reveal its embedded memories. One final puzzle remains: where is the “secret location” that the lovers were going to meet?

Inspired by the Griffin and Sabine book series by Nick Bantock, Postcard Memento is a short, intimate and personal game about the power of memories and time. Lovingly crafted as a love letter to Melbourne after lockdown, Postcard Memento was made as part of the Australia Global Game Jam 2021 for the theme ‘LOST & FOUND’.

Collaborators: Michelle Chen (Programming), Yi-Ling Ng (Music) and Andrew J Ryan (Sound Design).